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This is where you can find the location of additions, deletions and/or changes on the web site. It is very handy because it will have a link to the new change in the event the member is not sure where specific information has been added..
   Posted 3/2/13   + posted WYCOL Show Info    WYCOL page
   Posted 2/23/13   + posted 2012 Inter Chapter Challenge    club winners
   Posted 2/23/13   + posted 2012 AMS contest winners    club winners
   Posted 12/27/12   + Peno Ari Juchem , Accolades    accolades
   Posted 12/1/12   + new web site item, Accolades    accolades
   Posted 11/29/12   + WYCOL 2013 exhibition info    chapters page
   Posted 11/23/12   + added pattern catalog pages    patterns page
   Posted 11/20/12   + added montage iden. to officers and artist profiles    index page
   Posted 11/18/12   + added Club Contests web page    club contest winners
   Posted 10/14/12   + added christine schnell profile    profiles
   Posted 10/12/12   + gregory carnecki. art portfolio    members gallery
   Posted 10/2/12   how to create marquetry, a tutorial    tutorials
   Posted 10/2/12   memory boxes    links
   Posted 10/1/12   the matières et sens exhibition    calendar of events
   Posted 9/25/12   christina's tour announced    calendar of events
   Posted 9/16/12   brand new web site launched    index page
   Posted 9/3/12   + added bob fontana gallery    members gallery
   Posted 9/3/12   + added bob fontana to profiles    profiles
   Posted 8/24/12   + added ernie mills gallery    members gallery
   Posted 8/23/12   + added a members gallery    members gallery
   Posted 8/23/12   + added Rockland 2011 gallery    gallery index
   Posted 8/10/12   + added a new web page ~ AMS bylaws    index page
   Posted 7/20/12   + creating page specific montage' with dave peck    index page

   Posted 7/16/12

  + waiting for approval on web site changes    n/a
   Posted 7/15/12   + AMS web site completely rewritten     index page

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