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Bits that the beginner might need.
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The following marquetry guides are offered to both beginners and advanced marquetarians. There is a host of knowledge in these documents, written by some of the best in the hobby.
We are striving here to include documents on as many of the techniques used in marquetry as we can and the quest for new files is ongoing.
We do welcome papers from members or none members to be included in our collection.

Title Author click
  Marquetry - A Beginner's Guide   Quentin Smith,  of the Thurrock Group, Essex, England   .htm    .pdf 
  Instructor Handbook   Dave Peck,  of the AMS   .doc    .pdf 
  Getting Started   Dave Peck,  of the AMS   n/a    .pdf 
  An Introduction to Marquetry   Quentin Smith, of the Thurrock Group, Essex, England   n/a    .pdf 
  How To Create Marquetry   A Marquetry tutorial by Wheathills Farm, Derby, England   n/a    link 
  How to Create a Marquetry Piece   From the DIY network   n/a    link 
  The Inlay Technique of Marquetry   The J. Paul Getty Museum   n/a    link 

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