AMS Marquetry Artists

The purpose of this section is to help AMS members get to know each other a little better. How many times have you heard or saw the names of other AMS members, but never had the opportunity to meet them in person? Since our membership is literally spread out across the United States and beyond, we thought it might be fun to put a face with a name and have the chance to share a little information about ourselves as well.

We encourage you to submit a profile for inclusion on your website. Please send photos of your work and a snapshot of yourself (JPGs) along with any information about yourself, your career, your interests in marquetry and other hobbies, etc. We will help you put together a profile for inclusion on this site. Send all copy to
Bob Fontana (webmaster).

Christina Alvarez Magliano

Robert (Bob) Fontana

Christine Schnell

Dave Peck

Ernie Mills

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Mike Rerick

Ken Stover

Ken Horner

Jan Walker

Jim Sweet