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below is a list of many of the most common veneers used in marquetry, an example of their color, and ideas for the types of things they can represent. It's important to remember, however, that not all pieces of a specific kind of veneer will look the same in regard to color and pattern.
While the list below is a helpful resource, don't be afraid to try using different types of veneers you prefer to achieve the effect you are looking for.

 Aspen: Cream to Pink
 costume, drapery, sky, window waster
 Beech: Cream to Pink
 ocean beaches, mountains, stonework
 Bubinga: Pink/Red Stripe
 floral, foreground, mountains, roofs, wall
 Cherry: Pink to biscuit
 fences, roads, sky, stonework
Harewood: Silver Gray to black
costume, mountains, snow scenes, water
Lacewood: Pink to biscuit
foreground, rocks, stonework
Maple: Cream to Pink
fields, floral, mountains, portraits, rocks, sky
 birdseye MapleMaple burl
 Curly MapleFiddleback Maple
 Maple flat cutMaple Quilted
 Paduak: Red to Dark Red
 costume, floral, planks, portraits, roofs
 Prima-vera: Yellow to Gold
 beaches, costume, floral, sky effects
 Rosewood: Orange to brown to Purple
 drapery, foreground, mountains, roofs, tree trunk
< IMG SRC="veneer/rosewood%20east%20indian.jpg"width="118" HEIGHT="110" ALT="East Indian Rosewood">South American Rosewood
 Sycamore: White to Cream to Light brown
 door,fences, foreground, portraits, sand, sky
 effects, snow scene
 English Sycamore flat cut
 Walnut: Light/Medium brown to Purple
distant hills, foregrounds, mountains, shadows,
 tree trunk, wooden subjects
 Walnut burlWalnut flat cut
 Walnut quartered
 Avodire: Yellow to Gold
 distant fields, floral subjects, sky
 Birch: White to Cream to Pink
 floral, portraits, sky, water
 White birchRed birch
 Cedar: Cream to Pink
 costume, doors, roof, sky
 Spanish CedarCedar
 Ebony: Dark brown to black
 planks, rocks, shadows, tree trunks
 Holly: White
 floral, sails, snow scenes
 Mahogany: Light to Dark Red
 costume, distant fields, floral, portraits, shadows
 Mahogany flat cut
 Oak - white: biscuit to Light Tan
 borders, fences, mid-distant fences, wall
 White Oak flat cut
 Oak - red: Cream to Pink
 drapery, floral, rocks, sky, snow, water
Red Oak rotary cutRed Oak rift cut
 Pearwood: biscuit to Light Red
 drapery, floral, portraits, shadows
 Purpleheart: Purple brown
 costume, hills, roofs, walls
 Satinwood: Yellow to Gold
 ocean beaches, corn fields, drapery, floral drapery
 Satinwood quartered figured
 Teak: Gold to Light brown
 fences, fields, mountains, rocks, tree trunk
 American SycamoreEnglish Sycamore quartered figured
 Golden TeakTeak flat cut
 Wenge: Dark brown
 fences, planks, tree trunks

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