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Cristina Alvarez Magliano

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and am now living in Nanaimo, British Columbia. I got my first diploma in arts at the age of 15 and became a schoolteacher at 17.

I kept my artistic activities as a hobby, however, along with my studies at the University of Buenos Aires Law School and during my long and successful professional career in the field of labor and federal law of Argentina. When I retired as a federal court judge, I dedicated my efforts to the activity I love most, creations in wood.

"Dutch Baroque"


Although originally a painter, I discovered marquetry in the 1990’s and began to explore this art medium incorporating nontraditional marquetry elements into my work, such as semi precious stones, copper, silver and lead wires.

I also use both paint and wood stains to enhance the already varied natural coloring of wood. I use the double bevel cutting technique (taught to me by Mr. Dave Peck) and the over-imposed and sanding technique (invented by the French marquetarian Mr. Vriz) to create highly contrasting divisions of the plane. I also use a strong color palette of veneer.




   "Alvarez’s work is a very deliberate affront to traditional views of art which do not consider the use of wood as a legitimate medium of “high” art. Her style, while figurative, is not representational. Her orchids vary greatly in size and are usually presented against highly abstract backgrounds.
To attain the highly developed quality of her work, Alvarez Magliano has utilized many well-documented marquetry techniques of the English and American schools, and has also begun exploring alternative methods of layering wood proposed by the French school of “de Vriz”, apparent in her latest pieces."  (Source:Mosto&Rojas Arte - Arte ArgentinoContemporaneo)


I currently collaborate with the quarterly AMI newsletter as a contributing editor and translator into Spanish and French. I have written articles about my own technique for inserting stones and metals into marquetry designs and I discuss the relationship between art and marquetry through my column, "The Art Corner." My work was also published in the magazine "Couleur Bois" #9 and in "Infobae" Argentinean newspaper.

My work has been exhibited at the following venues:

"AMI National Marquetry Show", Minneapolis, Minnesota -- Group Exhibition (October 2004)

“Women in the Opera,” Association of Magistrates, Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Solo Exhibition (September/October 2004)

“Painting in the South of France,” Live Worms Art Gallery, San Francisco, California -- Group Exhibition (April/May 2004)

"Looking at the Loire"

“Art in the Judiciary III / El arte en la Justicia III,” Association of Magistrates, Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Group Exhibition (December 2003)

“Untitled,” Ahzara Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Group Exhibition (May/June 2003)

“Orchids and Other Works,” Mosto Rojas Art Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Solo Online Exhibition (December 2002)

“Orchids and Other Works,” Aldo de Sousa Art Gallery -- Solo Exhibition (October 2002)

“San Francisco Artists,” Abbey of Caunes, Minervois, France -- Group Exhibition (June 2002)

“Art in the Judiciary II / El arte en la Justicia II,” Association of Magistrates, Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Group Exhibition (November 2002)

“Art in the Judiciary I / El arte en la Justicia I,” Association of Magistrates, Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Group Exhibition (November 2001)

“AMI National Marquetry Show,” Pearl River Public Library, Pearl River, New York -- Group Exhibition (September 2001)


"The Bride Left Alone"


During March 2nd - April 3rd 2004, my art will be on exhibition at the Circle Craft Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Circle Craft Gallery Exhibition
Stories of Love and Passion

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Editor's Note: The AMS is pleased to have Cristina involved with our organization and her fine marquetry art is truly an inspiration to fellow marquetarians around the world.

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