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AMS Member Profile ~ Jim Sweet ~

I used to work for computer companies in Silicon Valley as an Electrical Engineer and Manager.

A few years before I retired, my brother-in-law gave me a marquetry saw made by Clif Baxtor and told me it was something I should learn to use so that when I retire I would have something to do.
Well, I haven't had any problem with having something to do after I retired and at the time I didn't even know who Clif Baxtor was. I later met him and became aware of the tremendous role he has played forming marquetry chapters and getting people involved. But, I did make a few marquetry pieces, and enjoyed the process.

I am not a "high volume" marquetarian, but do enjoy making pieces and taking on new advanced techniques.

My favorite theme is of African animals, no doubt a result of my being raised in southern Africa as a boy.
I also enjoy wood turning and I find it particularly satisfying to create a nice piece of marquetry that can be added to a bowl or plate that I have turned.
At the time I met Clif, I joined the now defunct Marquetry Society of America. Shortly after it folded, Clif sent me a
very nice letter suggesting that the new group, the AMI, needed a Membership

A Morning's Drink Friends

 Officer and he felt I would enjoy taking on that responsibility. Well, there seemed a need to be filled so I took on the job and really came to appreciate and enjoy working with all the other officers, plus meeting the others when I attended the shows we have had in Minneapolis and Portland.

 In 2004 I volunteered to take on the "Chairman of the Board" position for a while. Late in 2009 I moved from California to North Carolina and was, therefore, no longer eligible to hold the Board Position. I, then, volunteered to serve as the Society's Vice President.
It is quite exciting to remain involved in our marquetry organization and I encourage each of you to also be involved in your own way.
Through my membership in the America Association of Woodturners, I have seen how they are having tremendous success in growth and with that growth, the high class of services they are able to provide to their members.
This has caused me to realize that as our membership grows, we too will have the possibility to increase and improve what our organization can provide to our members.

Arizona Bowl

In other words, we have some great future opportunities to look forward to, and each of you can directly help by inviting potential new members to join up and also becoming involved in the AMS.

Editor's Note: Jim currently serves as the Vice President of the American Marquetry Society.

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