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Montage from 2011 Rockland Exhibition
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Welcome to the American Marquetry Society. All the information and help you'll need to become an expert in this art is here. You will be amazed, Marquetry is art made from thin pieces of wood veneer glued together to form a picture or pattern. Our website is intended as a Marquetry resource for everyone. We are open to any suggestions anyone may have on how to improve it. Please click/look around and learn more about Marquetry, and find out how you can join in on the fun!  Ever wonder what the difference is between Marquetry and Intarsia?, click here.

The American Marquetry Society (AMS) wishes all marquetarians, world wide, a very Happy and Safe Holiday Season ~~~~~~ We hope 2014 brings really, Creative and Beautiful marquetry, your way. ~~~~~~ PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY
American Marquetarian Magazine  ~ The magazine now has "eight" pages of color!
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Winter 2013
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